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November   2015

Hon. Catherine A. AFEKU,
Executive Vice President - Ghana Division
Hotel Paradise Africa, LLC

The Honorable Madam Catherine Ablema Afeku is passionate about building Africa, and her homeland, Ghana, in particular. Her passion has lead her to a seat on the Parliament of Ghana which she held from 2009 - 2013. She is a married mother of 3 who is involved in many start-ups in Ghana.

Her intimate connections and knowledge with the Government of Ghana make her an invaluable resource to Hotel Paradise Africa, LLC. (HPA).

When Lonnie and Catherine first met in 2002 they spoke to each other about their dreams and hopes for Africa and immediately a life long bond was formed. It was Catherine the prompted Lonnie to explore the Tourism sector rather than IT in Ghana. It was this unction that has lead to HPA. It is Catherine's birth place of Axim that HPA got its start.

Catherine graduated cum laude receiving her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 1988. She continued her education and was awarded a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in 2008.

Along with speaking 5 languages, Madam Afeku's many skills include:

Over 20 years of high level office management, public relations, communications, leadership, advocacy, governance, rural development and financial management skills

Well developed skills in: (i) contract negotiations; (ii) market research; (iii) working with international companies to develop and set up business enterprises; and (iv) organizational and planning abilities; and (v) use of all Microsoft Windows platform.

Ability to: (i) initiate and lead group discussions ;( ii) initiate and supervise group work, conflict resolution strategies, concept development and presentations.

Endowed with public speaking.

Ability to work in, or lead, a team without supervision.

Ability to lead negotiations in international settings

Efficient use of multilingual skills in business transactions