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November   2015

Francis Fiawotorfori,
Protocol Liaison - Ghana
Hotel Paradise Africa, LLC

A native of Ghana, Francis Fiawotorfori, Abbey as he is affectionately known, is a tenacious networker, meeting new people every day during his journeys. Speaking several languages and possessing a native understanding of cultural protocol allows Abbey to move and operate freely in many different cultural arenas throughout Ghana.

Coming from a family of educators, it was natural for Abbey to go into education as a teacher. He worked as a teacher in Elmina where he also worked as Security at night at the Elmina Beach Resort. Abby's ambition led him to picking up another day job selling coconuts by the road side where he people skills and marketing skills where honed.

Abbey's uncles and aunts hold prestigious position in higher education and inspired Abbey to follow his dream of opening an elementary school. His school started with 5 children. Abbey worked many odd jobs to help pay teacher's salaries and buy school supplies for the children. Today his school has more than 30 children.

Abby's entrepreneurial spirit and his innate knowledge of local culture and customs make him an excellent addition to the Hotel Paradise Africa, llc's team.