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November   2015

Lilonnie Van Overbeke, CFO
Hotel Paradise Africa, LLC

Lilonnie is a passionate singer and business woman. Lilonnie's singing talent landed her a position as vocalist in a band that was touring China in 2008. Her entrepreneurial spirit and business education quickly lead her to manage her own band contracted with some of the bigger name hotels in China. Lilonnie was soon to add a second band. She was both manager and performer. After a couple of years of getting her feet wet in China Lilonnie saw opportunity in Dubai opened another band there. While performing in Dubai Lilonnie caught the eye of her now husband. Lilonnie disbanded all of her bands in order to start a new chapter in her life, a family.

Lilonnie received her Bachelor's degree in Business communications in 2004, and began her career as an Office Manager at Homes & Loans, Inc. Lilonnie served as Head Salesperson of Corporation, overseeing all real estate activities, office management and quality control procedures. She assisted high-end investment clientele with real estate negotiations, supervised licensed real estate salespersons, loan officers and office staff. Originate and processed residential loans and real estate sales. Conduct Homebuyer and Credit Counseling Workshop.

Lilonnie is a mother of one, married and currently living in Bahrain. Lilonnie is the daughter of the CEO making her the perfect trusted companion. Living outside of the USA for over 7 years, Lilonnie is familiar with international monetary policy, and both her education and experience have honed her executive skills making her a great asset to Hotel Paradise Africa, LLC.