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April   2015

Lonnie Price, CEO
Hotel Paradise Africa, LLC

Lonnie Price began his business career in Sacramento, CA after attending the University of California at Davis where he majored in Veterinary Science. 

Subsequent to leaving UC Davis, Lonnie’s entrepreneurial spirit lead to founding several companies, such as Cybernetronics, Inc., a software / robotics development company; Lonnie’s Electronics and Computers, Andy’s Television Repair, NaaBah Computer System in Burkina Faso, Africa, and World Connect Communications, a web hosting and development company.

In the mid-80s, Lonnie purchased his first computer and quickly learned to program basic and assembly language.  Because he was so adept at programming, he became the president of the Davis TRS80 Computer Club.  Lonnie discovered his key talent is problem solving. This ability Led him to program as well as design computers at the chip level. Lonnie's problem solving ability is an invaluable asset to the company.

Lonnie fulfilled his lifelong dream to work in the field of robotics.  While employed at Moller International, and as a result of his extensive programming & electronic knowledge, he was soon promoted to head of the computer design and engineering department.  In this position, Lonnie developed the control systems for the flying robots.  He was also skilled at piloting these Remotely Piloted Vehicles (RPV), demonstrating them at military bases throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Lonnie developed Perfect Backup Software (P-Bak) in response to computer crash at the National Institute of Health while programming a robotic arm.  This software was exhibited at COMDEX, an international computer show in Las Vegas, where he broke new ground.  His company was the first African-American company to exhibit at COMDEX since its inception. 

Lonnie is a proficient sailor, holding many sailing certifications from the American Sailing Association. His understanding of sailing is a great asset for the company.

Lonnie, a native Californian, currently resides in Buena Park with is wife Cheryl, and is very active in the community supporting many charities and organizations, both financially and with his time.  Lonnie serves on the board of African Dairies, Inc., and is currently in the funding stage for purchase of a luxury resort in Axim, Ghana.