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November   2015

Lucas BAH Guelateming Sr.,
Executive Vice President - Ivory Coast Division
Hotel Paradise Africa, LLC

A native of western Côte d'Ivoire, Lucas BAH Guelateming Sr, left at a very young age to study in France where he earned his BAC (baccalaureate, colloquially known as le bac) at Lycée Tuburgo of Paris. From there Lucas obtained a certificate of Competence in Business Administration from IAE (Institute of Business Administration of the University of CAEN).

Two year later Mr. Lucas worked as a senior engineer of the International Development Society for Informatics and Automation at CEPIB (Centre d'enseigenment de perfectionnement et d'innovation en business) as an assistant to Mr. NGUYEN VAN, Group CEO.

Mr. Lucas obtained the Diploma of Advanced Studies DEA in Computer Development in 1987 and enrolled in computer PhD thesis program.

After several internships in Germany in Hamburg, Mr. Lucas turned his focus back home and taught at several universities in Africa.

In 1991 Mr. Lucas met Lonnie Price after receiving information brought back to the Côte d'Ivoire by a delegation attending COMDEX in Las Vegas, where Mr. Price's company Cybernetronics Inc. was exhibiting. They talked and then partnered to create NAABAH COMPUTERS, the first computer manufacturing company if Africa. NAABAH also developed multiple software and smart utilities.

After the rise and fall of NAABAH, Mr. Lucas settled as CEO of HEPITA University. Mr. Lucas created the first private computer Superior school that welcomes all African students of various nationalities in Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso called called (HEPITA; hautes études pour l'informatique et les techniques avancées "Advanced Studies and techniques for Computers" / and ISIA; Institut supérieur d'informatique "Higher Institute computer").

Mr. Lucas currently publishes an International "African Student's" Magazine distributed both in French in the Francophone countries in Africa, and English in Anglophone countries in Africa.

Being a native French speaker as well as possessing many years of upper management position in Africa and France makes Mr. Lucas a extremely valuable member of the Hotel Paradise Africa, LLC team.