Hotel Paradise Africa, LLC
Hotel Paradise Africa Investments Corp

Hotel Paradise Africa LLC & Hotel Paradise Africa Investments Corp are Nevada registered corporations made up of a team of people who want to better the world.

Hotel Paradise Africa, LLC. is a Nevada registered limited liability corporation formed on October 18th, 2012 by founder and CEO Lonnie Price. The company is formed to provide management for the development and operations of hotels, marinas, and other tourist related facilities like water parks, restaurants, gift shops, tours, yachting, diving, etc.

Hotel Paradise Africa Investment Corp, is a Nevada registered C corporation formed May 22nd, 2015 in order to expand our opportunity to fund our various projects.

We are a team of like minded people who believe that through our efforts we will leave the world a better place than when we inherited it, and through the vehicle of Hotel Paradise Africa we will touch lives globally in very positive ways.