Welcome To The HPA Club

The HPA Club

The Hotel Paradise Africa Club (HPA Club) is a membership club that provides discounts and rewards to its members at all HPA facilities. Join now for exciting extra bonuses in our referral bonus program. All HPA Club Members receive an additional discounts ranging from 10% - 25% on all HPA products and services. Other perks, bonuses and rewards are based on membership level with extra rewards for early adaptors.

Early-Bird Program

Join our club now and receive "early-bird" discounts on membership fees.

Pre-Launch Bonus

As a pre-launch member you will receive 10% of your registration fee back as HPA Cash* every month that you are a member prior to our launch. That's a WHOPPING 120% of your fee per year prior to launch to spend a our facilities. Yes, we are paying you to join before we open!!

Referral Bonus

For every paid member you referre you will recieve cash!! Receive 10% of the referred members fee back as Cash. There are extra rewards for early adapters as well.

    The HPA Club

is a membership club providing its members with discounts and rewards at all HPA facilities. HPA Club members receive a minimum 10% discount on purchases at our HPA Facilities and on-line stores.

HPA Club members will also enjoy other benefits such as:

  • Referral Bonuses
  • Early Adoption Program
  • Casino Bonuses
  • and Other Member Offers like
    • dicounts on stays
    • discounts on meals
    • Free trips
    • and more......

Depending on HPA Club Member's Star Level, members will receive:

  • free transportation to and from the air ports
  • from huge discounts on services to free services like:
    • meals & buffets tours
    • transportation
    • theme park entry
    • laundry services
    • and more......

HPA Club members will also receive:

  • members only seating at events
  • entry to members only clubs
  • special members only tours
  • and more......

The management team at Hotel Paradise Africa is always looking for ways to improve our customers stay and experience at our facilities. We are looking forward to making your vacation experience and the HPA Club Membership program second to none.

    The HPA Club - Early-Bird Program

is designed to encourage early adoption to the HPA Club. There are 6 groups (or levels) in the program. The earlier one joins the better the benefits. As an example; The first 100 members to join receive 70% off their membership fee "FOR LIFE*". And that is just for starters. Early adopters will receive multi-level referral bonuses, that is, you will receive referral bonuses on referrals of your referrals, and that can really add up.

The benefits that come with The Early-Bird Program are in addition to the HPA Club Level Benefits.

There are 6 Groups in the Early-Bird Program:

  • Group 1: Members 1 - 100
  • Group 2: Members 101 - 1,000
  • Group 3: Members 1,001 - 10,000
  • Group 4: Members 10,001 - 100,000
  • Group 5: Members 100,001 - 1,000,000
  • Group 6: Members 1,000,001 +

We are currently in Group 1. Swipe the chart, or click the numbers below the chart, to see the benefits in each group:

HPA's Current projects include:

  1. Cape Coast Beach Walk
    • A Paved Beach side-walk sutable for bikes, skates, and walking.
    • Cafes and Shops along side of the beach walk
    • A Family-Fun Center at the end of the beach walk.
  2. Sogakopi Casino Resort
    • A Casino Overlooking the Volta River.
    • A Catamiran Hotel
    • A Family-Fun Center / Water Park.
  3. Axim Beach Hotel
    • Botique Beach Hotel.
    • Restuarant
    • Marina
  4. Online Gift Shop
    • African Art Village - Accra, Ghana

    The HPA Club - Pre-Launch Program

The Pre-Launch program was designed in response to the question of one of our team members, "Why would anybody join a membership club and they can't use it yet?"     Well, here's why; We are giving great benefits to those who have the vision to see the potential of the project, and want to be a part of making this project a reality. Hotel Paradise Africa will reward these visionaries in several ways:

  1. Hugh discounts on the membership fee
  2. HPA Cash back every month they are a member prior to our opening.
  3. Membership fees that never increase.
  4. Along with the benefits from the Early-Bird Program and the Referral Program.

The percentage HPA Cash back is on a sliding scale base on which membership group you join in (see chart below)

Group Members Number HPA Cash Back %
1 1 - 100 10%
2 101 - 1,000 8%
3 1,001 - 10,000 6%
4 10,001 - 100,000 4%
5 100,001 - 1,000,000 2%
6 1,000,000 + 1%

The Pre-Launch HPA Cash back program will give members 1-100, 10% of their yearly membership fee back as HPA Cash, members 101-1,000 will receive 8% and so on. So if a member joins a year before the opening and this member is in group 1, they will receive 120% of their membership fee back. So if your yearly membership fee is $100.00 then you will receive $10.00 per month in HPA cash. That's a whopping $120.00 HPA Cash in a year.

HPA Cash can be used to pay for merchandise, rooms, meal, drinks, event, etc., in other words, any and all products, services and facilities in the HPA chain.

    The HPA Club - Referral Program

HPA has created a progressive rewards program for members who refer others that become members. The Program consist of a Multi-Year / Multi-Level bonus.

Multi-Year: For every star level in your membership you will receive an additional year of bonuses for each paid referee. For example, if you are a 3 star member and refer a member who joins at the silver level (2 star), you will receive your normal referral bonus for this year, and in addition, you will receive an additional "3" years of bonus for every year your referee renews his membership. This gives you a total of 4 years of bonuses. So the higher your membership level the more years you will receive bonuses.

Multi-Level: In addition to the Multi-Year bonus, early adopters will receive a Multi-Level bonus. The Multi-Level bonus is a bonus you receive when the people you refer, refer others. Like the Multi-Year Bonus, the number of extra level of bonus you receive depends on of membership star level. If you are a 3 star member you will receive 3 additional levels of bonus. Bonus level distribution is as follows:

Revenue Distribution Chart
  1. 10% Cash Back
  2. 5% Cash Back
  3. 2.5% Cash Back
  4. 1.25% Cash Back
  5. 0.65% Cash Back
  6. 0.5% Cash Back
  7. 0.5% Cash Back
  8. 0.5% Cash Back
  9. 0.5% Cash Back
  10. 0.5% Cash Back
  11. 0.5% Cash Back
  12. 0.5% Cash Back
  13. 0.5% Cash Back

So in the above example, as a 3 star member you will receive 10% cash back on your referrals, 5% cash back on their referrals, and 2.5% cash back on their referrals. HPA has set aside 25% of the club membership revenues to fund the referral program.